A curious case

January 14, 2009

It certainly is curious when both of my parents and both of us and his mom all want to go see and then enjoy a movie.  But The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was just that…well, nice.

A story of a man born with an old man’s body (he grows mentally older and physically younger) couldn’t help but be bittersweet; but there were lots of small moments of joy, as well. And I don’t just mean the ones the movie asks us to watch for (hummingbirds, etc), but joy in everything, in the acting, the characters, the writing. K and I were smiling all the way through the old-body/young-mind Benjamin’s childhood and coming-of-age, it’s captured both the motions of infirmity (I know that doesn’t sound funny, but in some way it was) and the thoughts of a boy so well.

Cate Blanchett, as always, can be described using words like “radiant”. And it was the sort of role Brad Pitt always does well in…a little out of place, a little confused, but with great spirit. And David Fincher knows how to get the best from him.

I just want to find the Fitzgerald short story, and see what to make of that.

Oh, and I still want to know about the other two times that man was hit by lightning.

Update: Fitzgerald would have been pissed to see the movie. And so would lots of moviegoers, if it had been like the story.

One Response to “A curious case”

  1. coffee said

    Brad Pitt is a great actor… i love the imagination that went into making Benjamin Button

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