Blackie Jackett Jr.

May 8, 2009

Okay, let’s talk for a minute about me and country music.  One of my best friends in elementary school loved country music. Like, bad 90s country music. Pam Tillis, Faith Hill with the bad, big hair and the twang. We had to listen to it all the time, and I think I OD’d. Can’t stand it. Even the pop-y stuff everyone’s making now. Last year in London when the music in the halls of my apartment building was always country was really hard. Something about “she loves my tractor”…?

Some exceptions, obviously. Well, one or two, and their names are Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. And now, Blackie Jackett Jr.

This is the side project of two members of one of my favourite bands, Finger Eleven. The amazingly talented guitarists (Scott Anderson is hot, but he only sings), James Black and Rick Jackett, have decided to explore a shared interest in good, oldschool (even bluegrassy) country. And, somehow, it works.


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