Guilty post

September 24, 2009

I feel incredibly guilty for not having posted anything in a while. I’ve still been reading, and have lots to say, but it will have to continue to wait ;  the new house is still not unpacked. But I came across this tidbit today.

From a letter from Christopher Pratt’s mother to her son:


…none of this being an artist will come easily for you. You take it all too seriously. Being an artist is no more important or special than being a businessman or a carpenter…a nurse, a doctor, or a fisherman. It’s just another thing that people do. Like everything, some do it better than others, and you will be one of them…but life is more important than art…always remember that. And don’t talk about ‘art’ all the time.”


5 Responses to “Guilty post”

  1. G said

    As long as you do not give up blogging completely. We all go through waves of posting quite a bit and then not so much. I do love your posts though, hope the home starts to feel like home, cheers.

  2. Faith said

    No, I certainly won’t. Just a sluggish period, although, like I said, not for reading. I’ll do a catchup post of everything I’ve read this past month.

  3. G said

    I look forward to your reading lists. Your taste is so diverse, and you read far more non-fiction that I do. Cheers.

  4. Our Gothic prof. tells us something similar almost every week (and then we move on to talk about art). Me too with the non-posting. Somehow it’s easier to post when one is actually reading, rather than unpacking, filling out forms, and generally getting settled.

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