Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

May 22, 2010

ZZ Packer’s short story collection, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, did two things I’m amazed could be done simultaneously.

1. It evoked how much every human being’s interior life is made up of the same hopes, concerns, dreams, fears.

2. It reminded me how much I am middle class and white.

But it also shows what fantastic work can be done with language, especially in short forms like this. I love me a good short story.

One Response to “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”

  1. G said

    SUNDAY 16 May 2010 (and WEDNESDAY 19 May 2010): Irish Panel

    Ireland has excelled – both in literature in general, winning four Nobel Prizes, which for a country of four million is some kind of record – and in the short story. This week, the magic of the Irish short story, then and now – with Roddy Doyle, Claire Keegan and Kevin Barry.

    Kevin Barry’s book of short stories, There Are Little Kingdoms is published by Stinging Fly Press, and he has a novel coming out next year. Roddy Doyle recently published a collection of short stories called The Deportees. Claire Keegan has two books of stories, Antarctica and Walk the Blue Fields, both published in paperback by Faber and Faber.

    It’s more focused on the Irish short story but the first 20 minutes are spent discussing the short story form in general. Give it a listen while you’re having some coffee this morning. Cheers.

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