“Plants Want to Grow”

May 24, 2010

I have a friend from school who’s into gardening, and she has a line from a gardening author that she uses as a mantra: plants want to grow. So I shared this story with her, just now.

Last summer right after we moved I bought a little bleeding heart plant. I prepped a little bed, got all ready to put it in, and when I was taking it from the pot the top snapped off in my hand. I was sad, because we had a bleeding heart growing up and I was all nostalgic and excited about it. I left it in, but didn’t have high hopes.
There were already some things in the bed, some tulips and some (now I see) lily of the valley, and I’ve added a lilac bush that’s doing well and a little white pine in the yard. So I finally got around to weeding/tidying things up, and what do I see this morning?
Bleeding heart leaves.

One Response to ““Plants Want to Grow””

  1. I love when plants do things like this: it always reminds me of the limits of cultivation and human control/knowledge over the natural world (which means nature always has the ability to make me go “oh, neat!”)

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