Making a Scene

November 14, 2011

“We’ve all made one or somehow ended up in one. Share your story.”
I don’t know. I’ve had a book thrown at me at work, but that honestly wasn’t really a scene. But maybe it is the one I should share, because it did make me feel something, deeply.
A couple came in with their daughter who had some sort of developmental challenge. She was getting confused with things and when I finished with her book and handed it to her she threw it at me. I got my arm up in time, it wasn’t a problem or anything. The mother left with the daughter immediately and the father stayed to finish and apologize. He left too, and I thought it was the end of it, which was fine.
In a few minutes they all came back, and they stood there with the mother holding the daughter and insisted she apologize to me. “When we hurt someone, we say we’re sorry.” I wasn’t sure what to do with my face, because I wanted to do the most I could to help…so I tried to look kind, but stern. Difficult face to pull off.  The girl clearly wasn’t in the mood, but the mother held her ground and the girl eventually signed that she was sorry and smiled at me.
Then she reached back and hit her mother. I just saw tears well up in the mother’s eyes, and they left again.
I have an incredibly deep appreciation for any parent who does a good job, and I definitely appreciated those parents, doing a good job in such difficult circumstances.

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