Life changing moment

November 15, 2011

There have been a few times when an idea or a feeling has come over me so strongly and suddenly that it was like my life changed in a moment.

In my last year of university, for the first term, I was having kind of a rough time. I wasn’t sure my boyfriend (now husband) still wanted to be with me; I was taking more than a full course load and also TAing for someone with whom I apparently couldn’t communicate very well. I was coming to the end of school and didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to do it.

I thought about what I loved, and it was sharing with people about art and culture. I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher although I think I’d be suited to it; I’ve had enough teachers who haven’t been drawn to the profession that I didn’t want to join them. And when I thought about how else I could do what I loved, something struck me that I’d never thought of, or had actually actively tried to avoid, till then: libraries.

The process afterwards was long; I spent two years (that I loved) continuing to TA and figuring out what to do, then another year at school in London. 6 months unemployed; a year and a half at a job that wasn’t the right fit. But I have it now. And it all went back to a split second of inspiration in the early spring of 2005.


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