February 26, 2012

Blog posts I meant to write recently:

1) How much I loved The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. There’s something special about a writer that creates a world so unique and yet so true to life that passages from the book feel like anecdotes you know personally.

2) Singing voices. I took a listen of Lioness: Hidden Treasures, a collection of 9 years of unreleased material by Amy Winehouse. She sounds so young on much of it, with (comparatively) a thin sliver of the voice she wound up with. It got me thinking about another artist I like, Chantal Kreviazuk. Album by album, as she ages, her voice and the music she creates get richer. Looking forward to the next one.

3) Today: the American dream. Between Come on Down, a documentary about a Canadian looking for the American Dream, and The Rum Diary, and the ongoing Republican primaries, it’s got me thinking.

I promise I’ll get back to posting, soon.