Dead On.

October 17, 2012

From Nick Hornby’s new collection of essays from The Believer:

“Three of the presents my friends had bought me were book-shaped, and, miraculously, given the lack of deferred gratification in my book-buying life, I wanted to read them all, and didn’t own any of them.”


2 Responses to “Dead On.”

  1. kiirstin said

    I tried to get one of my library book clubs to agree to read Shakespeare Wrote for Money, but they’re just not into essays. I tried to tell them that Hornby would convince them that they actually were into essays, but they would have none of it. I may have to force feed it to them…

  2. Faith said

    Yes, yes, yes! They need to read Hornby. I can take or leave his novels, but the essays are funny and smart.

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