Reading Lists

April 19, 2013

Have made a decision. It’s time to stop taking things from the library for a month or two while I catch up on things I’ve bought and want to read. 4 books being returned today and added back to my library to-read list, including a novel by Gene Wilder (yes, that one) and GJ Meyer’s book about the Borgias.

To read, at home:

A couple by David Foster Wallace, Pale King and one or two vols. of essays.

Paul Auster/JM Coetzee letters, collected in Here and Now.

Nicholson Baker’s The Anthologist

A Wendell Berry poetry collection (and some others…how is it I never “get to” the poetry?).

Lakeland: Journeys into the Soul of Canada.

And, if I get ambitious, I really should get into the first 2 complete vols. of LM Montgomery’s journals…all my committee-mates who have read all of them always amaze me with their knowledge.

So, there.