Book of Mormon

June 16, 2013

Fun, fun, fun. Hilarious, heartwarming, great songs and choreography.

Hadn’t been at Shea’s in Buffalo since I’ve been a child, but it was just as wondrous a place now as then (what old glamour!). Full of theatrical pomp.

Wasn’t the best place, at least from our seats, to¬†hear all of the show. Overamplified, I think. Excited to listen to the cast recording and catch all the quick, quiet jokes we missed.

Cast was amazing. Mark Evans, Elder Price, is from the UK. Christopher John O’Neill, Elder Cunningham, is unbelieveably making his professional debut. And one or two young Canadians in the company, too.

Excited for what Parker, Stone and Lopez do next…but it’s awfully hard to imagine it’ll be even better than Book of Mormon.