My friend G asked me to consider the ways using an e-reader has changed my reading habits, and a couple sprang to mind.

I read different books on my e-reader than I do in print…I buy things that I wouldn’t want to take up space but still want to own. Most of the print books I’ve bought in the last year have probably been for other people (although that could also have had something to do with leaving the job where I got huge discounts on print books).

I’m not as determined about making sure I read everything. If there’s a chapter in a non-fiction book that’s beyond me, I skip it. If a novel isn’t “working” for me, I don’t stick it out like I used to. And I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. A big part of this is coming to the realization that I’ll never be able to read all the books one “should” read…I don’t finish something just because I’ve started it; I can move on to the next thing.

It’s not all about disposability; some of my ebooks are duplicates of print books I own that are early editions; my mother did me a great service getting me beautiful early copies to read as a child, but now I appreciate being able to leave them on the shelf.

Whether you’re reading e- or p-, I hope you got one or two good books for the holiday!