Country Day

June 9, 2009

Hip AcousticLast Thursday we spent a beautiful summer night hearing a beautiful summer concert: The Tragically Hip at ArtPark, in Lewiston, NY.

No opening act – just an evening with the Hip. Mostly the new album, We Are the Same, which is excellent, but almost all of the old favourites, too. Just about 3 hours.

Which makes it a shame that, especially in the 1st half, the sound wasn’t very good. The vocals weren’t loud enough to balance with the rest, and so for a lot of it the lyrics couldn’t really be heard…not a problem for most of us who know them by heart, but it could have been lots better.

The second half started with an acoustic set, including an absolutely incredible “Bobcaygeon”. Wow. Then for the rest of the half we gave ourselves kleenex earplugs, which helped a lot with the balance (I’m guessing the sound guys had done some work, too).

Anyway, it was great venue for a great band touring a great new album. My favourites? “Love is a First”, obviously, and also the title track, “Now the Struggle Has a Name”, plus “Queen of the Furrows”, “The Depression Suite”, and “Country Day” (I really am a farm girl at heart).