December 3, 2010

So my 11th TBR book is The Catcher in the Rye. I think the true measure of Salinger’s genius is that I’m enjoying the book even though Holden Caulfield is the biggest prick in literature.


Summer Projects

May 20, 2009

I usually do take on some sort of “project” over a summer…every couple years I reread Steinbeck’s works, a couple summers ago a Salinger bookclub began (and then mostly died) with some friends…

So here are my projects for this summer:

Finally starting to re-learn French.

Picking back up and finishing Infinite Jest.

Listening to Beethoven’s symphonies. This project is work-related…I’ve found that classical music is really, really good accompaniment for the detail-oriented work I do (I always put on a blues station for writing or marking papers. Seriously).

And some friends and I are attempting a Lacan reading group, which will take us from Lacan to Freud to Shakespeare and maybe some other places and back again. I think, like my overall summer “project” list, we’re being ambitious but not overly so.

Time will tell!