The Shaw Festival hasn’t held my interest for these last couple seasons, but I got an offer for Niagara residents, and knowing I enjoy Sondheim, I thought we should make our return (one season, K and I went to about 5 shows).

There were really excellent elements – the female lead was charming, although neither of the leads were really singers. And the design of the shows is always visually and intellectually exciting.

Which was especially important in this case – a musical based on George Seurat’s painting of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (best known as the painting from Ferris Bueller).

And the first act, focused on Seurat and his art and relationships, was quite strong. There was a scene where K and I kept nudging each other, it rang so true to how men and women communicate (or don’t). It was lovely to see all the characters gradually form themselves into the famous painting.

We both thought, and I’ve read similar opinions, that the 2nd act was a bit weaker. Less original, it seemed to me, even if the 2nd act has the most famous song from the show, “Putting it Together”.

I like theatre to move me, and this didn’t, but if you’re looking for a pleasant Sunday afternoon, it would do.