December 16, 2010

Way back when some friends and I signed up for a reading challenge: choose 12 (in my case, 13) books from your to be read list and read one a month through the year. I had worked through lots of others, and have finally finished my last two TBR challenge books, Their Eyes Were Watching God and All the Pretty Horses. Both books describe eloquently the hard, hard lives of their protagonists, and there is a great deal of beauty in the difficult.

I might not do the challenge again, per se, but I think I will take G’s advice and do more shopping in my own library. These wonderful works at the end of the challenge have shown me I had good taste when I bought all these books.

I think I might also take the time, over the holiday, to purge some books, since the new year will bring a move, whether it’s a move back, or a move on.