Best Laid Plans

December 29, 2008

With some heavy work still on my reading list (finishing the 9/11 Report, Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, and more books about genocide), it was an incredible pleasure to spend a week of the holiday reading Terry Fallis’ The Best Laid Plans, the Canadian political satire I mentioned earlier. It’s smart and funny and eerily prescient – a hastily-elected minority conservative government tries to use political confusion and economic woes to their advantage. And the book was published last year…and my friend and I heard Fallis in Port Colborne even before our real election took place.

It was exactly the kind of book I needed, too. And a great book for the turn of the year. I spent the fall embroiled in family issues and a frustrating job hunt, and while these things still aren’t entirely resolved, I am more optimistic. Mostly because of a type of attitude described in the book. A character quotes Mackenzie King (I haven’t been able to verify in Bartletts’ or online, but I’ve latched onto the quotation anyway):

“If you’ve really done absolutely everything you can and you still come up short, fate will smile on good people.”

Sure hope so. Thanks to Fallis for a great book, and to friend Sarah for going to the reading and buying my copy.